PAN International Med & Nutrition Conference First edition

Saturday October 12, 2024

Antropia Conference Center in Driebergen

09.00 – 16.30
Doors open at 08.30 am
Drinks from 16.30 – 17.30

Conference chairwoman Esther Molenwijk

Esther wants to improve the world using forks and knives. She is a sustainability consultant, founder of Dutch Harvest (tea made from hemp harvest from Dutch soil), and podcast host of Studio Plantaardig (Studio Plant-based).


Healthy planet, healthy people

The World of PAN

Chronic disease, climate change, and pandemic risk. What is PAN International doing to turn the tide?

Niklas Oppenrieder, MD, founder PAN International

Plant-based nutrition and health‘We should all be choosing chickpeas over chicken – and this is why’.

How does nutrition affect disease and mortality risk? Scientific updates on nutrition and chronic disease, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Shireen Kassam, hematologist and founder Plant-Based Health Professionals UK.


A healthy food environment

Ultra-processed food

Is ultra-processed food always unhealthy?

What role do meat substitutes play in promoting a healthy and sustainable diet?

Roberta Alessandrini, PhD, PAN International

Taking on hospital food

Plant-based as a default option and fresh vegetables from the rooftop terrace in New York City’s hospitals.
How do you create a food-first approach in health care?

Dr Robert Graham, Chef @FRESHMEDNYC

Workshop: Lifestyle changes in the clinic

‘Why not also address the cause? On the importance of lifestyle medicine in primary care. How to discuss lifestyle with patients and collaborate with other health professionals. This session is in Dutch

This workshop will take place two times parallel to each of the above plenary sessions in this block.

Karel Bos, general practitioner, general practitioner trainer and editor-in-chief of the Dutch Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lunch break

Nutrition through life’s phases


Can a plant-based diet be healthy for children? How to support a growing herbivore.

Dr Sascha Verbruggen, pediatric-intensivist, Erasmus MC Sophia

Nutrition for the clinical patient

Protein-rich diets are a common method of preventing muscle mass loss and malnutrition during hospitalization.

To what extent is a plant-based menu desirable and feasible for the clinical patient?

Dr Maarten Soeters, internist-endocrinologist Amsterdam UMC


Nutrition and hormones

‘The Plant Power Doctor’ on the relationship between nutrition and hormones. With a focus on female hormone health, reproductive health, and aging.

Gemma Newman, general practitioner and nutritionist, author of the bestseller “The Plant Power Doctor: a simple prescription for a healthier you.”

Getting older

Can you age healthily with a plant-based diet? What about bone health, increased protein requirements and other critical nutrients?

From Canada, Brenda Davis highlights plant-based nutrition for the aging population.

Brenda Davis, RD, “the Godmother” according to Canadian plant-based dietitians.

This session is via zoom.

The Netherlands – Vegan Land

Half of our country is allocated to livestock farming, while its economic value is relatively limited. How can we better utilize our land? And what would the Netherlands look like if we all adopted a plant-based diet? Is this a utopia or an achievable paradise?”

Berno Strootman, landscape architect and former state advisor for the physical living environment

Closing and non alcoholic drinks